“Why Amazon?” How to Answer Amazon’s Trickiest Interview Question

During the consultation procedure, big technical school companies like Amazon want to determine if you are a dependable burst for the company. This means that recruiters will test your technical foul art with tease challenges, and they will besides assess you through behavioral interviews .
One of the most frequently asked behavioral interview questions is “Why do you want to work at Amazon?”. While it might seem like a straightforward question, a draw of people struggle to answer it, even if they are very tidal bore about a position at Amazon .
In this article, we will discuss how to answer this crafty Amazon interview interview. We will discuss how to construct an impressive solution and walk through sample answers based on Amazon ’ sulfur leadership principles .
This guide at a glance:

Prepare for your Amazon behavioral interview in one place

In this unique course, you ’ ll use Educative ’ s video recording recording appliance to record yourself answering questions. By the end, you ’ ll be able to answer any behavioral question .
Grokking the Behavioral Interview

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