This is what actually makes a workplace ‘fun’

This is what actually makes a workplace ‘fun’

Bob Helbig works for a company that judges the happiness level of offices around the U.S. Check out his discussion on what makes a “fun place to work.”

Cathie Ericson, Monster subscriberThis is what actually makes a workplace ‘fun’
Karaoke contests. table tennis tables. free lunches. Those perks might be some of the ones you ’ d first base think of if we told you to imagine a fun workplace. After all, fun jobs require all the bells and whistles .
Guess what ? You ’ re amiss.

In award of National Fun at Work Day, on Jan. 28, we decided to explore what makes a workplace fun. We asked Bob Helbig, a spokesperson from Energage, which partners with leading publishers across the nation to produce regional Top Workplaces lists .
You ’ ll be surprised at what he has to say about what employees think makes for fun jobs—and it may equitable inform what you look for in your adjacent ship’s company .

Q. Why should we care about having fun at work? That’s what a social life is for, right? ?

A playfulness workplace is one ingredient to creating an engaged workplace. Fun encourages presence, participation and teamwork and breaks down barriers .
We know engaged workplaces attract people who want to invest themselves to stay and do capital work. Our research shows Top Workplaces have twice the employee engagement pace of a typical workplace. And that ’ s a big deal, considering that a Gallup poll found that only 34 % of U.S. employees were engaged in their jobs in 2018 .

Q. What are some misconceptions people might have about fun jobs?

Fun doesn ’ t base frivolous. It besides doesn ’ t necessarily mean people aren ’ triiodothyronine working difficult. Some might consider fun a thriftlessness of time, or something that interferes with productiveness. Done right though, activities that promote teamwork can increase long-run date and improve organizational health. On the throw slope, a tunnel-vision focus on results that discourages togetherness can hurt performance and drive people away.

Q. What are some examples you’ve seen of fun jobs?

so many workplaces have fun, creative events and team-building exercises. At Energage, we have trivium events, and we recently organized a companywide Olympics .
fun can be simple. We know of one caller that celebrates Bacon Day. Another has something called Flash Mob Food, where food spontaneously shows up. ( “ Second floor ! Cupcakes ! ” ) What ’ s most important is that it resonates with your acculturation and is supported by senior leadership .

Q. What are the benefits of a fun workplace?

A fun workplace promotes bonding and a positive acculturation where employees are well connected to the constitution. It ’ s a great stress reliever, and it gives people something to look forward to. Fun besides spurs creativity, productiveness and exuberance. If it helps recruiting and retention, it helps the bottom agate line .

Q. What are some ways job seekers can spot fun workplaces?

Fun workplaces promote togetherness. You should be able to walk through a workplace and sense teamwork, effective communication and personality. It ’ s a vibration. A fun workplace is typically a relax workplace, where people can focus on achieving great things and besides enjoy doing it. The workplaces that do it right attract and retain circus tent talent.

Q. What are some ideas for companies that want to celebrate Fun at Work Day?

There ’ s no one way to be fun. It could involve food, or games, or contests, or something that benefits a charity. Know your culture and do something that ’ s probably going to encourage participation and teamwork. Choose activities that resonate with employees—it ’ s not one-size-fits-all .
And of course, you don ’ t need a especial day to have playfulness. Find opportunity every day. Our work lives are besides short to not have fun. Just like all organizational initiatives, leadership must support and embrace fun at work—and enter, excessively ! Otherwise employees will hesitate to engage. And that ’ s no fun .

Find fun jobs

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