What are Public Calendars?

What are Public Calendars?

Public Calendars are a new way to send out promotional information or public event information in a calendar format. Once a user has linked to a public calendar, they will receive any new information posted on who public calendar.

TimeTree Public Calendar

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For example, we share major updates, user stories, campaigns, and more using the ‘TimeTree Official Public Calendar’.  

What are Public Calendars?

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  • For those who wish to
    • receive regional events near you
    • follow schedules of artists and bands
    • receive promotional information of brands and stores
    • receive release information on games and movies

Pros for Using Public Calendars

  • Discovering New Events by other people
    When you create and publish a calendar,  other people can find your calendar in search results and check all the event details 

    It usually takes about 1 week before your calendar and events can be seen on the internet.

  • You can add a public event to your shared and/or private calendar

    What are Public Calendars?
  • View Insights

    ▼View insight on your events

    What are Public Calendars?

    ▼View insight on your public calendar

    What are Public Calendars?

New to Public Calendars?

How to compose and find the public calendar menu

Anyone can create public calendars.

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Swipe the main menu right to left to Public Calendars and press the 「+」button!

What are Public Calendars?

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