After two years without treatment however, the severity of asthma reverted to the initial state.

There is no doubt that the survivors of the 1932 hopper campaign were reverting to the solitary phase in the area.


Work to determine whether rashes are caused by particular vaccine variants that perhaps revert to virulence is currently ongoing.

Clearly, by reverting to a more centralized system the party center felt that in 1989 it had devolved too much power to the ordinary members.

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Only when the hammer announces its materiality by failing, breaking or being defective do we revert to thinking of it as an object.

We revert t o the practice of analysing asymptotic behaviours and filling in details by numerical simulation.

When the crystal is warmed it may not revert completely to its original room-temperature conformation, and on re-cooling may gradually progress toward optimal repacking.

This is not counting the large number of those who may have completed one robotics project and then reverted to more classical methods.

That regimes revert to the option of using force is a sign of malgovernance, and one that impacts on other areas of national policy.

The holdings of a decedent with no lineal descendants and no designated heirs reverted back to the community for reassignment.

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Ultimately, whether equity returns are independent over time or mean revert is an empirical question.

We find this modified logistic transformation to be beneficial in applications involving strongly mean reverting data.

Sentences were classified as matching the weird order or as reverting to canonical order with one or two arguments.


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