How to Prepare for a Job Fair

Job fairs are one of the best options to connect with employers, hiring managers and recruiters. These events allow you to connect with a assortment of companies and possibly land your pipe dream caper on your career path. To increase your chances of getting hired at problem fairs, it ‘s important to take these events seriously. In this article, we discuss some tips to help you prepare for the caper honest and stand out from the competition.

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The importance of preparing for a job fair

Job fairs can be fast-paced, overpowering and busy. rather of aimlessly wandering from booth to booth in hopes of speaking with all the company representatives, make a list that ranks your high-priority to low precedence employers and create a plan of action. By doing some homework, you ‘ll feel more in control, which makes you appear calm and confident during the interview. Related: How To Get the Most Out of Job Fairs

How to prepare for a job fair

here are a few steps to help you prepare for a occupation honest :

  1. Pre-register for the occupation average
  2. Keep fair expectations
  3. Understand what recruiters or employers are looking for
  4. Research each prospective employer
  5. Prepare multiple copies of your resume
  6. Choose the best resume format
  7. Consider bringing your portfolio
  8. Have your elevator flip fix
  9. Make a list of interview questions
  10. Prepare allow attire
  11. Make a design of action
  12. Plan a follow-up scheme

1. Pre-register for the job fair

Job fairs much require you to pre-register for the consequence, which normally includes submitting a sketch. With more speculate fairs going on-line, pre-registration will most likely become evening more common. It allows employers to get a casual to pre-screen job seekers and possibly make note of candidates they want to meet at the fairly. While the pre-registration does n’t guarantee that employers will hire you, it increases your chances of getting noticed. Related: Guide: How to Succeed at a Hiring Event or Open Interview

2. Keep reasonable expectations

Keep reasonable expectations for what will happen during and after the speculate fairly. Because every rent coach is alone, companies may have different procedures for how they interact with you. You may be required to take part in an in-depth interview, a short-change screening or something in between. Keep in mind that a shortstop interview does n’t mean a lease coach is uninterested. Just like you are trying to make the most of your meter at a occupation bonny, hiring managers want to maximize theirs and interview multiple candidates. If a hire coach wants to conduct a wax interview or asks you to come spinal column in a few minutes for one, they are normally looking to hire immediately. however, no topic how interested a ship’s company may seem, never expect a subcontract volunteer at a job fair. Some companies have on-the-spot recruitment but do n’t expect that all companies will do this. Related: 21 Job Interview Tips : How to Make a capital impression

3. Understand what recruiters or employers are looking for

While your motivation for participating in a subcontract carnival is to get hired, it ‘s crucial to understand what companies are looking for. Most companies at subcontract fairs are looking to fill entry-level jobs, which means you do n’t need to have a sketch with a drawn-out make history. frankincense, rather of focusing your curriculum vitae on your work history, emphasize your soft skills. Most employers at a job average prefer candidates who share the same values as the company and are a good accession to the company ‘s culture. Related: 14 Common Qualities Employers Are Looking For

4. Research each prospective employer

research in advance which companies are going to participate in the subcontract fair. Make a list of companies you ‘re concern in working for and start researching them. Hiring managers expect you to come to a job fair with at least a basic cognition of their caller and their products or services. Related: The Complete Guide To Researching a Company

5. Prepare multiple copies of your resume

Prepare and print assorted versions of your resume, tailored to each company you plan to speak with. If you have skills that apply to a kind of different jobs, prepare different resumes for each industry. For example, if you are concern in education, management and sales, create individual resumes that demonstrate your expertness and know in each of these fields.

When you meet with hire managers, give them the resume adaptation that is desirable for the position you ‘re applying for. To help you stay organized, keep the different versions of your sketch in different folders. Related: How To Make a Resume (With Examples)

6. Choose the best resume format

There are several formats of resume, but the one best highlights your key skill sets and education is the multipurpose running format. A functional sketch format does n’t follow the traditional resume ‘s chronological order. rather, it details your skills in areas such as visualize planning, problem-solving, administration and management. Related: Resume Format Guide (With Tips and Examples)

7. Consider bringing your portfolio

Portfolios are a great way to support the competencies you would include on your resume or talk about in an interview. It presents proof of your relevant skills and abilities through solve samples and professional software documentation that supports your abilities and accomplishments. It can be a physical binder or reserve that organizes samples of your sour or an on-line portfolio with electronic documents. Portfolios normally include copies of your resumes, samples of your best work and a list of references. While most speculate fair interviews are fairly short, you may have opportunities to discuss your portfolio with the company ‘s representative—either over a short break or during a second base interview on-site. Related: How To Build Your Work Portfolio

8. Have your elevator pitch ready

It ‘s besides significant to prepare a short elevator pitch in progress. An elevator pitch is a agile compendious of your have, skills and backdrop. Practice this flip to make indisputable you can confidently deliver it with ease. You may besides include details such as professional goals, interests and noteworthy accomplishments. Read your elevator lurch out forte to yourself to reveal any mistakes or extraneous information that may distract from your main points. You may besides ask your family or friends to listen to you for about 30 seconds or so and get their feedback. The more you exercise your peddle, the easier it will be to deliver. here ‘s an exercise of a estimable elevator manner of speaking : “ Hi, my name is Molly. Thank you so much for your time. After graduating with my knight bachelor ‘s degree in multitude communication, I have spent the last five years gaining master experience as a customer servicing representative. In former roles, I have maintained a customer memory rate of 50 %, which is above the company ‘s median and received 98 % positive customer results. I was excited to learn about this job opportunity in the retail management outer space * * —I ‘ve always been concern in establishing rapport with clients, gaining entrust and construct duplicate and referral business, and would love the opportunity to bring my leadership, project management and creative commercialize abilities to this placement. ” While it ‘s beneficial to plan your elevator pitch out in advance and practice, avoid sounding rehearsed in delivery. To make your peddle colloquial, memorize a cosmopolitan outline or key points of your speech. Familiarize this structure and adapt your cant for each person you deliver it to. For example, if you ‘re talking to a person you have just met, keep the conversation general and focused on your setting. Related: How To Give an Elevator Pitch (With Examples)

9. Make a list of interview questions

A speculate interview is a bipartite march. not only are you interviewed to evaluate your suitability for the job, but it ‘s besides an opportunity for you to determine if the problem is right for you. Being inquisitive during the interview besides lets the employer know you are concern in their company and how it operates. Make sure to ask intelligent questions and avoid asking about benefits or wage. Wait until you ‘re in the final steps of the consultation procedure to negotiate this with the employer. here are some examples of great questions to ask in an interview :

  • What are the daily responsibilities of this subcontract ?
  • Can you tell me the most crucial characteristics for person to succeed in this job ?
  • How would you describe the acculturation of the party ?
  • What are your expectations for this job within the first 30 days or 60 days ?
  • If I get this job, how would the company measure my performance ?
  • What do you like best about working for this ship’s company ?

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10. Prepare appropriate attire

On the day of the job fair, wear allow overdress. A general guidepost is to dress for the subcontract you are applying for. however, it ‘s constantly better to be overdressed than underdress. Opt for button-down occupation attire as this helps you make a commodity beginning impression. Related: How To Dress for a Job Interview

11. Make a plan of action

Get a layout of the companies ‘ booths ahead of time so you know where each one is. You may speak with one or two of your low-priority companies inaugural for rehearse and then speak with your high-priority companies. Speaking with high-priority companies early on can be beneficial, as they are more likely to be approachable, as opposed to later in the sidereal day. If you ‘re a well-qualified candidate, employers may use you as a standard to assess early candidates. Speaking with them early on besides ensures that you will not run out of time and miss them. With proper fourth dimension management, however, it ‘s impossible to miss any targets on your list.

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12. Plan a follow-up strategy

Following up with the company ‘s representative is a cardinal chemical element to landing a job after a job fair. Send a short-change thank you email showing your matter to in the ship’s company. You may besides call the representative the evening of the job fair and leave a voice mail message thanking the example for his/her prison term that day .

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