How to Answer the “Why Were You Fired?” Interview Question

Have you been fired from your job ? If therefore, you might be wondering how to explain your site in a job interview. After all, it ’ s likely to come up. What ‘s the best way to respond to the inevitable interview of why you were fired ? How can you explain a fire, so it wo n’t negatively impact you during the interview process ?

Being asked about why you were terminated is among the most challenge interview questions to answer. It ‘s uncomfortable to talk about losing your caper under any circumstances, and it ‘s even harder when you ‘re trying to explain it to person you are hoping will hire you .

What the Interviewer Really Wants to Know

What does the lease director want to know ? Beyond the circumstances of your dismissal, the interviewer is looking to see how you cope with adversity .

indisputable, beginning and first, they want to know that you weren ’ triiodothyronine fired for some crying misbehavior, for example, stealing. But beyond that, they ’ ll want to know that the issue is no longer a problem and that you can take province for your actions—and demonstrate personal and
professional growth .

How to Answer Interview Questions About Being Fired

The best scheme is to keep your suffice short and to the point. This is a clock time when there is such a thing as besides much information .

There is no indigence to give a drawn-out explanation or excessively many details about what transpired. It ‘s better to department of state the reason, then try to move the conversation forward to another subject .

It ‘s besides important to be honest. If you ‘re tempted to give a different reason than being fired for leaving your caper, know that your former employer may be able to disclose the reason for your ending during a citation control. Remember besides, that being dishonest during the lotion summons can result in not getting a job offer, having it bow out, or being fired should your deception be discovered .

You ‘ll need to tailor your answer to fit your own circumstances and how your termination was handled, but these examples of answers will give you a starting point for framing your response .

Examples of the Best Answers

Being cut unleash was a blessing in disguise. now I have an opportunity to explore jobs that better suit my qualifications and interests. My research suggests that such an opportunity may be the one on your table. Would you like to hear more about my skills in working with newly engineering ?
Why It Works: This answer deals with the issue promptly and positively and moves on to your skills and qualifications. While you don ’ t want to seem dismissive of the interview, the finish is to pivot vitamin a smoothly as possible to why you ’ re the best campaigner for the job .

The job was n’t working out, so my foreman and I agreed that it was clock for me to move on to a status that would show a better return key for both of us. sol, I ‘m available and ready to work .
Why It Works: This answer hints at ongoing and constructive communication with the boss. It besides shows that you bear your former employer no ill. It ’ mho dependable and positive .

My subcontract was outsourced to India. It was unfortunate, because people familiar with my workplace say I did my job well and I always got excellent reviews from my managers .
Why It Works: If you were laid off through no defect of your own, decidedly say so american samoa soon as potential ! And if you can throw in a plug for the quality of your cultivate, indeed much the better .

I outlasted respective downsizings, but the stopping point one included me. Sign of the times, I guess .
Why It Works: Again, employers and hiring managers understand that layoffs come for even the best workers. If you were laid off, say therefore. ( But don ’ t use this suffice if it ’ randomness not true. Lying during the consultation serve has a manner of coming back to haunt candidates late on. )

I was desperate for work and took the wrong subcontract without looking around the recess. I wo n’t make that mistake again. I ‘d prefer an environment that is congenial, structured, and team-oriented, where my best talents can shine and make a substantial contribution .
Why It Works: Nearly everyone has had the feel of taking a job that wasn ’ t a commodity match. This answer shows that you ’ re able to learn from the bad and focus on the well .

Tips for Giving the Best suffice

Practice Your reception

The more comfortable you are discussing the topic of your ending, the more comfortable the hire director will be with your answer. Come prepared to explain the situation and practice until you overcome any feelings of embarrassment. Remember that some of the best and brightest workers in history have been let go .

Keep it brief

You want to be forthright and honest in your reception, but there ’ s no want to belabor the point. This is a time not to plowshare excessively much information. Say your patch and move on to the full stuff—your qualifications and how you ’ ll use them to solve the ship’s company ’ second problems .

Emphasize Your Positive Attributes

Try to keep the conversation moving fore in a positive manner. Pivot to your skills and abilities and make certain to tie them to the qualifications listed in the job description. This way, you can show the lease coach how you ‘re a good fit for the job .

What not to Say

Avoid the Word “ Fired ”

Remember that an interview is at least partially a sales pitch. commercialize yourself by avoiding terms that have a negative association for many people. Use phrases like “ let go ” alternatively of words like “ fired. ”

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate Dwell on the negative

nowadays ’ second not the time to disparage your former bos or employer—even if they deserve it. Keep things positive, and keep your negative opinions to yourself. You do n’t want the hire director to wonder if you ‘ll talk that way about the raw ship’s company, if you were to be hired .

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lie

Resist the temptation to present a fire as a layoff, for model. You ’ re probable to get caught, and if you are, you ’ ll lose the opportunity all in all. Be honest, but do n’t overexplain .

possible follow-up Questions

Key Takeaways

BE PREPARED TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT BEING FIRED: Assume that this question will come up and have a abbreviated explanation quick .
BE HONEST: Never lie about why you lost your job. Your former employer may reveal the details during a background check .
BE POSITIVE AND PIVOT: Turn the conversation to your skills and qualifications deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as possible .

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