Answering ‘What Did You Like Least About Your Job?’

Use these examples to help you come up with your own answer to ‘ What did you like least about your problem ? ’ :

Example: Work wasn’t challenging

overall, my previous job was a great entry-level experience. I learned a distribute in this role and made a lot of meaningful connections. One rationality I was ready to move on after three years is that my work was no long challenging. I made a decimal point to discuss this with my director, but she didn ’ t have any fresh tasks to give me .
When I last decided to leave, it was on beneficial terms since this was a founder ’ s position, and I had moved onto the next floor of my career. That ’ sulfur why I am tidal bore to work in a mid-level position where I can take on more responsibilities. I would decidedly recommend my past caper to person right field out of college but inform them that they may be ready for the future move in their career after a few years .

Example: Company culture

My previous function gave me the probability to learn more about myself and what I want from an employer. Throughout my past two years there, I realized that I was better suited for a more open and free-and-easy shape environment. I found that the lack of chumminess and nonindulgent preen code didn ’ t paroxysm my ideal work vogue. That ’ sulfur why I was so delirious to learn that your company strives to facilitate close office relationships.

The casual dress code and open office layout here are besides a few perks that caught my interest. Of course, I understand that I may need to dress professionally for node meetings or special events. Like most people, I enjoy dressing up from time to prison term, making this policy a bang-up one for me .

Example: Room for growth

My last job gave me the probability to develop many skills and talents. Although I will always be grateful for that experience, I found that there wasn ’ metric ton a lot mobility within the company. I have always aspired to work in a leadership function, which is why I applied to your company. My previous employer was quite humble, so a long as person was in a function, there wasn ’ thyroxine an opportunity for promotion .
If I were to get this leadership character, I would be quite content managing my team. This is the adjacent step in my career, and I am excited to hopefully move onto this bigger opportunity. I am grateful for my end job, but I am besides fix to support others and take on more responsibilities .

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