About us – England Golf

We’re the governing body for amateur golf in England. As a non-profit organisation dedicated to growing the game of golf, our work benefits our clubs and players. We are far stronger when we stand united and are #TogetherinGolf. [external_link_head] What we do We lead through strong governance and integrity. We strengthen governance in all aspects of … Read more

PAYG instalments

Whether you run your own business or earn investment income, planning ahead for your income tax is important to help you keep a healthy cash flow. Pay as you go (PAYG) instalments help you do this. By making regular payments (instalments) throughout the year you won’t have to pay a large tax bill when you … Read more


Category filter: [external_link offset=1] Acronym Definition BT British Telecommunications BT Break BT BlueTooth (wireless personal area networking technology) BT Northern Ireland (postcode, United Kingdom) BT BitTorrent (file swarming program) BT Balance Transfer BT Breakfast Television (Atlantic Canada Newsmagazine) BT Business Transformation BT Bhutan BT Business Times BT Broader Term (lexicography) BT Baghdad Time (GMT+0200) BT … Read more

1991, 1979, 1967, 1955 Chinese Zodiac

Sheep / Goat is the eighth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. The Years of the Sheep include 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039, 2051… [external_link_head] Sheep (goat, or ram) is among the animals that people like most. It is docile, mellow, and timid. The white cute creature … Read more

Physicists Say Consciousness Might Be a State of Matter

It’s not enough to have a brain. Consciousness—a hallmark of humans, mammals, birds, and even octopuses—is that mysterious force that makes all those neurons and synapses “tick” and merge into “you.” It’s what makes you alert and sensitive to your surroundings, and it’s what helps you see yourself as separate from everything else. But neuroscientists … Read more

PG und VG: Unterschiede und Eigenschaften – PowerCigs Ratgeber

Wenn es um Liquid für die E Zigarette geht, taucht oftmals die Frage nach PG- und VG-Anteilen auf und nicht selten im Zusammenhang mit bestimmten Vorzügen der einzelnen Stoffe. In den meisten Fällen sind beim Liquid für die E Zigarette sowohl VG und PG in der Base enthalten. Beide gehören so neben Nikotinshots und Aroma und destilliertem Wasser zu den Grundbestandteilen. Daneben gibt … Read more

What Is Abstract Reasoning?

MoMo Productions / Getty Images [external_link_head] What Is Abstract Reasoning? Abstract reasoning, also known as abstract thinking, involves the ability to understand and think with complex concepts that, while real, are not tied to concrete experiences, objects, people, or situations. This type of reasoning involves thinking about ideas and principles that are often symbolic or … Read more

10 Educational Goal Examples

Career Development March 2, 2021 [external_link_head] The purpose of education is to help you reach your potential. To make sure this occurs, it is important to set educational goals. Determining what you should learn and how to accomplish your objectives creates the foundation for educational goals. In this article, we’ll take a look at some … Read more

What are Public Calendars?

What are Public Calendars? Public Calendars are a new way to send out promotional information or public event information in a calendar format. Once a user has linked to a public calendar, they will receive any new information posted on that public calendar. ▼TimeTree Public Calendar [external_link_head] For example, we share major updates, user stories, … Read more

What is a Career?

University of Dubuque Campus Life Office of Student Life Vocational Services What is a Career? Career-Related Questions and AnswersResource: Phifer, P. (2003) College Majors and Careers, Fifth Edition. New York, NY: Ferguson Publication.  What does the word “career” mean? For many people, career means the part of life that is concerned with employment.  From an occupational … Read more